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David Gough Original Fairy Painting (x-posted) - Here is a world full of Mythical Creatures

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November 23rd, 2004

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04:03 pm - David Gough Original Fairy Painting (x-posted)
I'm auctioning my newest fairy piece, Vestige. I'm very happy with this one. Not only was I able to use a gorgeous model (the beautiful and talented fairy artist Nedda Shishegar, shyfayrie) but I feel it's very relevant at the moment

This fae is a lost token of a forgotten time, stumbling across a post apocalyptic wasteland to find a last germ of life, and whereas in generations past, she might have mused on a traditional toadstool, now she perches beneath the ominous shadow of a mushroom cloud. This piece is a token of the dark times we live in, and a foreshadow of the times ahead.

'Vestige' auction
I'm also offering my last piece Skyflower as a print in my store for $7.

'Skyflower' print

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